MYOGENETIX® MYOSPIKED® 225g. (32 Servings)



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MYOSPIKED® is extremely high voltage, extreme energy supplement everyone’s been looking for. MYOSPIKED® is extremely potent and designed specifically for users who love the effects of strong stimulants providing insane flow of non stop energy. With cutting edge ingredients strategically infused into a clinical proprietary blend, MYOSPIKED® targets and shocks your anabolic, vasodilatory and neurological symptoms, ingniting a level of training intensity you’re never experienced before. Delicious and invigorating flavor — yet packed with ample amounts of key ingredients that’ll light up even the most avid stimulant fan — MYOSPIKED® delivers it all.* DIRECTIONS FOR USE: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (1 scoop) 30 minutes prior to workout with 8-12 oz. of water. Do not exceed two servings in 24 hours.

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