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Key Benefits
  • 1 MB Raw Whey Isolate is a 90% Isolate product which helps in building lean muscles
  • 2 Raw Whey Isolate delivers whey in its most natural and pure form, which is free from any additive, preservative, flavour, sweetener or any other external ingredient
  • 3 Each 30g serving of Raw Whey Isolate delivers 27g of protein along with 5.9g of BCAAs which promotes recovery post workout and helps build muscle mass
  • 4 Raw Whey Isolate’s ingredient is sourced from USA and it’s every batch is tested for protein content by an NABL lab. The protein certificates for each batch and the authenticity of the product can be verified by the customer on the brand website
  • 5 Raw Whey Isolate is an unflavoured product and thus might not taste great but has the greatest flavour flexibility. It can be used with any flavouring or in any shake being prepared as per the taste profile of the customer
About the Product
Nutritional Information
MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate is a Whey Isolate product, which delivers 27g of pure Whey Isolate per serving. The product comes with nearly 5.9g of naturally occurring BCAAs and is free from any amino spiking, which essentially means all the amino acids are existing in the raw material itself.
The product is aimed at –
  • People aiming pure products in its most natural form. Raw Whey Isolate contains Whey Protein Isolate in its most pure form without any processing, additive or any additional manufacturing step.
  • People in search of greater taste flexibility with their protein. Raw Whey Isolate can be used with chocolate syrup, in a strawberry shake, for preparing protein pancakes or just with natural sugar. It thus provides a high customizability option to the customer.
  • People wary of artificial sweeteners. Raw Whey Isolate allays any fear which a customer might have if his product contains any artificial sweetener.
  • People wary of the fake products in the health supplement market. Apart from the stringent quality checks in place during the manufacturing process, Raw Whey Isolate provides a 2 step check to customers for their complete peace of mind. Every batch of the product is tested for protein supplements which the customer can access on along with an individual authenticity code for each product which can be used on the website or through an SMS to authenticate the product.
The benefits of the products include – 
Promotes muscle building – 
27g of protein along with 5.9g of BCAAs per serving helps in faster muscle recovery and growth post workout.
Promotes faster recovery – 
The naturally occurring BCAAs in the product help in reducing muscle soreness when consumed before and after a rigorous workout session. The potent BCAAs include Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which aid to reduce fatigue, enhance muscular strength and rapid muscle recovery.
Free from any Amino Spiking – 
The product contains naturally occurring amino acids which amount to 27g of protein and is free from any amino spiking to jack up the protein content in the product. All the essential, non-essential and semi-essential amino acids occur as per the natural profile of the whey protein concentrate.
Authenticity Assurance – 
Every product of Raw Whey Isolate comes with a unique authenticity code on the pack which can then be used to authenticate the product by either visiting the website or sending an SMS on 9227411117
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Muscle Blaze

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